5 Brands You Don’t Want to Sleep On

Of course we have big players like BAPE, Supreme, Off-White, FOG, etc… and not the mention the amount of the sick collaborations. With the hype swirling around them we’ve decided to help you update your radar, with these five dope brands you should keep your eye on.


Kūki, a London based streetwear and lifestyle brand created by Nico Costas and Eden Tarn. Uniting those who go against the norm, Kūki’s definition in Japanese is air.

Kūki | 空気 : definition [Japanese] Air

Kū | 空 : definition [Japanese] Void, those things that are composed of pure energy.

Ki | 気 : definition [Japanese] Air, atmosphere, flavour; heart; mind, spirit, feelings, humour.

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Based in Auckland, New Zealand. The brand offers a various collection of T-Shirts, hoodies, jackets sneakers and more. Don’t miss out on their latest drop of the DAHAN tracksuits.

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Founded in Barcelona, Killing Weekend is a streetwear brand offering men and women apparel, from dresses oversized T-shirts and hoodies.

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Based in Seattle, Los Angeles. The Incorporated is another streetwear brand rivaling the style capitals of the world, The Incorporated offers a variety of denim jackets, cozy hoodies, T-shirts and many more including killer accessories.

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The creed of free thought, with a philosophy that we are gods. Inspired by the Ancients, the universe, life beyond and everything in between. OF GOD[S]., offering a variety of graphic T-shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories.

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