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adidas Basketball Releases Chapter 02 of “Remember The Why” Collection

adidas Basketball has launched its new 2023 “Remember The Why” Chapter 02 collection. The series is designed to aid in resetting, regaining a sense of calm in the midst of chaos, and rediscovering the reasons behind the start of our journeys. The collection is centered on the basics of form, function, and color, delivering a versatile range of apparel to inspire and empower individuals on their paths.


The collection includes various heavy cotton garments such as hoodies, shorts, track jackets, and sweatshirts, all of which are decorated with minimalist adidas Basketball branding. The collection’s premium materials are available in soft neutral tones, and the fits are relaxed and oversized. The collection emphasizes the game’s instincts, attitudes, and multidimensionality, which can be carried over to other aspects of life rather than being explicitly basketball-themed.


adidas Basketball encourages wearers to find their “Why” to rebuild and progress, constantly discovering and connecting with their past to break previously insurmountable thresholds. The rebuilding process becomes the reward itself, inspiring others to take their journey by creating a ripple effect of inspiration. Shop the full collection here.