Anderson .Paak Celebrates Artists Worldwide With New Track “Yours to Take”

As part of Budweiser‘s Tomorrow is Yours to Take campaign, Anderson.Paak has released a new song. The campaign connects creatives from all over the world and gives them the opportunity to showcase their work on a global stage, celebrating what it means to hustle and chase success.


Representing those who are dedicated to achieving their artistic goals, Paak’s new single, “Yours to Take,” is featured in a Budweiser video showcasing creatives from various fields.

Sean Garnier, a French soccer player, Brazilian artist Xam, Julia Dang, a Swedish fashion designer, Wanda Pot, a Colombian graffiti artist, Argentinian singer Lara91K, Brazilian graphic artist Gabriel Massan, and British drummer Louise Bartle are among the performers.


“My new music for the campaign isn’t just a song, it’s an anthem! The way I see it, it’s like a rallying cry to those who are DONE listening to all the reasons why their dreams are impossible,” .Paak said of the project. “Trust me, I heard all those naysayers too, but I kept myself motivated and did my best to ignore the haters very step of the way.”

“My hope is that Budweiser and I can reach artists, designers, athletes and creatives – everyone! – all over the world who are ready to take the first step on their own path to greatness.”