Auston Martin

Aston Martin Unveils It’s First-Ever Motorcycle AMB 001

Luxury automotive giant Aston Martin is set to build its first-ever motorcycle. Dubbed the AMB 001, the bike boasts 180-horsepower turbocharged V-twin engine —meaning that’s way too much power to put on the road, which is why the AMB 001 track-legal only.

Anywhere you look at the AMB 001 you’ll see carbon fiber, titanium, and billet aluminum, keeping it lightweight and strong. A sleek design as you’d expect from Aston, like the seat or as the company calls it, the ”saddle” —is crafted from hand-stitched Oxford Tan leather because your ass deserves the best.

Furthermore, the front fairing features winglets to keep the rider from flying off the bike, while the titanium ridge bisecting the tank lets everyone know which edition out of 100 they’re staring at. The AMB 001 is hand-assembled in France by Brough Superior and will cost you $119,559 while delivery is expected by the end of 2020.