Balenciaga’s Spring 2023 Show Invites Are Cold, Hard Faux Cash

Balenciaga never disappoints, as evidenced by its intentionally dead Paris Sneaker, which made the internet go crazy last week.


Balenciaga is handing out stacks of cold, hard fake cash to guests for its Spring 2023 show, after issuing shattered-screen iPhones as invites for its Fall/Winter 2022 show.

Balenciaga’s Spring 2023 money stack show invites, dubbed “Balenciaga Dollars,” are designed to look like a $100 bill. And, according to Berlin’s Smell Research Lab artist Sissel Tolaas, it even has that distinct money odor.


Balenciaga’s $100 bill, however, is “not legal tender and can not be used to make a payment of any kind” according to the all-caps message on the currency strap, and lacks “serial numbers, value denominations, or official seals,”

The location, date, and time of Balenciaga’s upcoming Spring 2023 show, which will take place on May 22 on New York City’s bustling and historic financial district, better known as Wall Street, are all printed on the Balenciaga cash stack.


“Today, the United States is Balenciaga’s fastest-growing market. This Sunday in New York City, Balenciaga will host its first American fashion show in 20 years. Immediately following the show, Balenciaga will also release a limited-edition collection online and at the brand’s Madison Avenue flagship,” Cédric Charbit, Balenciaga’s CEO, stated to WSJ.