Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen Introduces New Beosound Theater

Bang & Olufsen is expanding its audio product line with the release of the new Beosound Theatre.

The item is a raised soundbar that provides loud sound without sacrificing quality. Twelve speaker drivers and two custom-made long-stroke 6.5″ woofers contribute to the powerful output. These components produce 800 watts of amplification power and a sound pressure level of up to 112dB. A custom-made center channel and a midrange-mounted tweeter provide improved sound distribution and voice clarity, among other design elements.


“Beosound Theatre completely redefines cinematic sound in the home,” said Bang & Olufsen CEO, Kristian Teär. “With its powerful sound, advanced technology platform and modular design, we bring the immersion of a multi-speaker setup into one soundbar that slots seamlessly with any screen.”


The new soundbar also includes three-dimensional sound directivity, which expands on the brand’s Beam Width and Beam Direction Control features, which debuted with the Beolab 90 speakers. A combination of frontal, side, and up-firing speakers contributes to the diverse sound directivity. The soundbar, like previous predecessors, has a sleek and modular design made of aluminum and real oak lamella.

The Beosound Theatre is priced at $6,890 USD and $7,990 USD, with fabric and wood cover options. View the gallery above for a peek at the Beosound Theatre, which will be available in stores and online on October 3.