Bode Fall 2022 Explores Its Archive

Emily Adams Bode founded Bode six years ago, and it frequently marinates in personal experiences. The business is acclaimed for its high-calibre quality and feeling of originality through personalized processes, from contemporary workwear embellished with quilted décor to handcrafted clothing that ooze elegance.


The designer drew inspiration from her marriage to her beloved partner Aaron Aujla for her Pre-Fall 2022 collection, which debuted in June. Formalwear was reworked with Bode’s unique charm in mind, adopting outlandish colors and patterns to stand out from the ceremonial crowd.

Bode now debuts its Fall 2022 Menswear collection, which delves deep into the brand’s archives, all the way back to its initial collection. The variety is extensive in terms of materials, pigment interpretations, and technical application.

Puffed outfits are embellished with hypnotic maze-like stitching and sit above intricate button-ups that are adorned with fun flowers extracted in primary tones. Cozy sherpa coats are belted at the waist with beaded rope, and stylish crocheted tops show off the body beneath.


This season, Bode seizes the sparkling trend, embellishing collarless jackets and straight-cut pants with sequined blooms that gleam in the moonlight.

A skeletal structure enhances a full-length onesie, which stands among patchwork sets ornamented with uneven geometrical motifs as if sewed together by grandma. Plaid trousers look well with snug puffers and matching headwear, while classic automobile jackets have a military vibe.


Fall 2022 showcases what Bode does best, displaying it with the highest quality and subtle flair. Shop the Bode collection on its website.