Bold Patterns and 'CAUTION TAPE': Vivienne Westwood MAN SS24
Vivienne Westwood MAN

Bold Patterns and ‘CAUTION TAPE’: Vivienne Westwood MAN SS24

Vivienne Westwood MAN is giving us a sneak peek into the future of fashion with its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Brace yourselves for a fusion of colors, patterns, and a dash of eccentricity perfectly tailored for the impending warm weather.


The “CAUTION TAPE” ensemble steals the spotlight – an industrial-inspired trio featuring a mesh zip-up jacket, mesh shorts, and a mesh bucket hat, all adorned with an eye-catching “FRAGILE” print. Because who said caution can’t be stylish?

If you fancy strutting in patterns, the collection has got you covered. From sharp collared patterned suiting to oversized ovular eyewear, it’s a parade of flair. The collection’s love for sets continues with a baggy blue and red sweatsuit, and an attention-grabbing “ALPHABET STRIPE” combo. And let’s not forget the tailored tweed suit, a dapper move with a showdown against light green linen.


Plaid enthusiasts, rejoice! The “CUBIST CHECK” print graces a jet-black suit and a one-piece suit, adding a touch of sophistication to the pattern of choice.

Keeping it casually cool, the SS24 lookbook introduces a crewneck and sweatpant duo, featuring a hot pink “University of Peace” insignia. Because who says peace can’t be fashionable?