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Bottega Did What To The Great Wall of China?

Bottega Veneta is attempting to make it onto Diet Prada despite having an Instagram account, strange? not for this brand.


In ostensible celebration of the Lunar New Year, the Italian luxury house erected a digital screen (read: advertisement) showing the Bottega Veneta emblem on a section of the Great Wall of China.

According to WWD, the branding opportunity is accompanied by a brief message: “Happy New Year.”

It’s a nod to the guerilla advertisements Bottega debuted in late 2021, which included LAX ads only visible by plane and branding hidden beneath the water of a pool.


However, because this Lunar New Year campaign features a culturally significant landmark, it feels a lot cheesier.

Bottega Veneta has offered a donation in support of the reconstruction of the Shanghai Pass, one of the Great Wall’s major routes located in Shanghaiguan District, seemingly detecting a potential backlash to this media grab.


The colorful commercial — which, ofcurse, will be removed on January 12 — appears to be a cheap appeal to APAC customers’ spending power rather than a real respect to the Year of the Tiger.

Bottega will also offer a Lunar New Year capsule collection, which will include a tiger-striped version of the Cassette bag, a woven cross body style. But, the plan isn’t going over well on social media.


An announcement on WWD’s Instagram has received a flood of negative feedback. “This is not a vibe,” one of them quips.

Applying a designer brand to a structure built by a workforce mostly consisted of convicts, hundreds of thousands of whom died during the construction process, is truly repugnant.