Brabus’ Rolls-Royce Ghost Is the Ideal Blend of Luxury & Sport

Nothing about Brabus‘ Ghost is conventional. The power of the twin-turbo V12 engine has increased from 563 to 700 horsepower, with torque reaching 701 lb-ft at just 2,000 RPM.


As a result, the Ghost can reach 62 mph in 4.6 seconds before reaching its limited top speed of 155 mph — because speed is not really important in a Rolls-Royce.

The Ghost, on the other hand, is all about refinement. The Rolls-Royce remains a classy beast despite numerous visual upgrades both inside and out. Brabus adds exposed carbon fiber aerodynamic enhancement components to the car, notably defining the front with a new lip spoiler and air intake surrounds, and elevating the back with a carbon diffuser that houses four carbon-titanium exhaust pipes.

The new system allows the V12 engine to breathe, giving the otherwise understated saloon a sporty acoustic element. Other features include custom-made 21″ and 22″ wheels in four different designs, a 30mm suspension drop, and a completely refinished interior.

Brabus uses its exclusive “MASTERPIECE” approach here, which means customers can commission Brabus’ tailors to create the interior of their dreams — nothing is out of the question. Brabus used porcelain-colored leather with black piping in the example above, with square quilting on select sections of the seats, door panels, and armrests that was meticulously finished. The floor is covered in the same leather, and the headliner is made of black Alcantara.

Carbon elements for the instrument panel and center console, as well as polished stainless pedals with Brabus’ logo with red and white backlighting, add a dynamic touch, while the signature Rolls-Royce star headliner can be left untouched for that quintessential look and feel.

More information can be found on Brabus’ website.