Burberry introduces the cult buy “B Series”

At last, after we saw it on Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Riccardo himself, and now the British fashion house is making its monogram basics available to the public. In a new series of monthly releases, Burberry has announced the launch of its “B-Series.”

Designed by the fashion house’s Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci, the brand will see a new set of monthly pieces drops – starting with its insta-famous TB monogram. Including a limited-edition run of white T-shirts and jersey sweatshirts, the new Burberry monogram designed in collaboration with the art director and graphic designer Peter Saville will be emblazoned across luxury unisex basics.

The B Series will be available from 12:00 PM on October 17 for 24 hours only, exclusively through Burberry’s Instagram and WeChat accounts.

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