Burberry’s Swimwear Soiree is Here

Burberry unveils its latest Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, a tantalizing showcase of their versatile swimwear collection. Aptly named “A Burberry Summer,” this campaign transports us to picturesque seaside getaways, where warm escapes and effortless style intertwine.


Since Daniel Lee took the helm of this prestigious British brand, he has masterfully celebrated Burberry’s rich legacy by infusing their iconic designs, patterns, and codes into his creations. And this collection is no exception. Adorned with the timeless Check design—an emblem that first graced Burberry raincoats in the 1920s—the brand continues to reign supreme as a global fashion icon. The Check pattern takes center stage across the range of swimwear for both men and women, accompanied by a selection of accessories including shorts, bikinis, robes, beach totes, and bucket hats.

Captured through the lens of the talented Tyrone Lebon, a longstanding collaborator with Burberry, “A Burberry Summer” immerses us in a world of dynamic visuals. Picture yourself in tranquil beach settings, where models Alex Schlab, Angelina Kendall, Candace Demers, Ishmael Auguiste, Kaedon Baxter, Matheus Mesquita, Sophie Alice, Tess Carter, and Tianna St. Louis revel in the warm embrace of dusk, frolicking in crystal-clear waters and lounging on sandy shores.


Burberry’s “A Burberry Summer” collection available at the brand’s website.