GOD Selection xxx

Celebrating 10 Years in Style: GOD SELECTION XXX’s Special Collaboration

Japanese brand GOD SELECTION XXX is turning up the heat as it celebrates its monumental 10th anniversary. Brace yourselves for a series of epic collaborations that will have you drooling over a diverse range of goodies, from stylish clothing to captivating toys.


Leading the charge in this celebratory series are four killer black and white t-shirts, born from a harmonious partnership with the legendary Hiroshi Fujiwara and his fragment design. But that’s not all—prepare for an awe-inspiring addition to your wardrobe with a sleek black coach jacket, a magnificent creation resulting from the dynamic collaboration between fragment design, retaW, and GOD SELECTION XXX.

But wait, there’s more! The collection doesn’t stop at clothing. Get ready to spruce up your living space with exquisite home decor pieces, including a tantalizing triple-name candle and sleek black car tags. And let’s not forget the showstopper—a stunning BE@RBRICK, available in both 100% and 400% sizes, adorned in mesmerizing turquoise with triple x emblazoned across its eyes.


Mark your calendars, my friends! The t-shirts will be up for grabs exclusively online at GOD SELECTION XXX from May 25-27. As for the rest of the collection, prepare to conquer both the physical and virtual realms as it drops on May 25, available in-store and online.