Cleanse, Buff, Pamper: Aēsop’s New Bar Soaps are Here to Slay

Prepare for a sudsational summer as Aēsop expands its body care repertoire with a bubbly trio of new bar soaps. Meet the stars of the show: Refresh, Polish, and Nurture – each soap designed to cleanse, buff, and pamper your skin, all while preserving its moisture balance.

These palm-sized powerhouses, weighing in at 150 grams each, promise a travel-friendly cleansing experience that’s anything but ordinary. Let’s dive into the aromatic allure:


Refresh: Aptly named, this bar delivers a revitalizing cleanse, leaving a trail of invigorating citrus and floral notes that’ll have you ready to conquer the day.

Polish: Buff away dullness with this green and camphoraceous gem. It gently exfoliates, bidding adieu to dead skin cells and impurities, unveiling a radiant you.

Nurture: Indulge your senses in an herbaceous and woody aroma while treating your skin to a nourishing cleanse. Dry skin, fret not – this bar’s got your back.


As August breezes in, so will these soap sensations, available in both 150-gram and 300-gram sizes. Keep your eyes peeled for their arrival on Aēsop’s website and select retailers. Prices will range from $21 to $30 USD.