Daft Punk Drop Rare Live Video of “Rollin’ & Scratchin'” With No Helmets

Daft Punk has shared a live performance video of their Homework single “Rollin’ & Scratchin.”

The video was shot in 1997 at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, and it shows Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, the electronic music duo, sans their helmets.


This concert provides a glimpse into Daft Punk’s “human period” before their transformation into robots, providing an odd yet intriguing perspective for their younger followers.

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Daft Punk’s debut studio album, Homework, was released on a big label. Earlier this month, the duo released a 25th anniversary deluxe re-release that included a new list of remixes that were previously inaccessible for streaming. They also uploaded a one-time-only livestream of an early show without a helmet.