Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham Unveils New Print ‘GROTTO OF LAOCON’

Daniel Arsham, who recently won the Fuorisalone Prize for his “Divided Layers” installation in Milan, returns to the world of prints with a new release titled GROTTO OF LAOCON.


The piece is a reference to a painting of the same name from Arsham’s “UNEARTHED” exhibition in Berlin, where KNIG GALERIE was transformed into an antiquity hall.

GROTTO OF LAOCON, created in collaboration with New York City’s revered Brand X Editions, transports the viewer 1,000 years into the future, where humans traverse a massive cavern filled with long-forgotten treasures, such as a crumbling sculpture of the Greek seer, Laocoön.

Arsham places treasured and pop cultural references — from Greco-Roman statues to Pokémon characters — in fictionalized time periods, leaving humans with riddles of the communities that once inhabited this world and the objects in which they placed their faith.


GROTTO OF LAOCON is printed on 48″ x 57″ archival cotton paper with 26 individual silkscreens. The artwork is signed and numbered by the artist and comes in a neatly wrapped Arsham Studio-designed linen and silver embossed packaging, with a holographic seal of authenticity on the included COA card. The print will be available at the artist’s webshop on Friday, June 24 at 12pm ET.