Dior’s Birkenstock Collaboration Is Here

Dior‘s capsule with Birkenstock has now been officially released after being unveiled at the beginning of the year. The Tokio Mule and Milano Sandal are two signature silhouettes from the collection, which is inspired by Christian Dior’s love of gardening.


To pay homage to the couturier, the two silhouettes combine functionality and elegance. The mule and sandal are also available in a variety of finishes, including black nubuck calfskin, grey felted wool, and “Greige” nubuck calfskin for the Tokio Mule.


Dior has also released its new CD 1947 capsule alongside the Birkenstock collaboration. This collection is based on a dialogue between Kim Jones and Christian Dior’s legacy, with a new “Christian Dior” signature combined with “1947” in honor of the first Dior show.


The CD 1947 collection, as well as the entire Birkenstock collaboration, are now available on the Dior website.