Way of Wade

Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning’s WOW Brand Drops New “Futuristic” Essence 2 Sneaker

Dwyane Wade, an NBA all-star, and business partner Li Ning have announced the debut of their Essence 2 “Futuristic” sneaker, which updates the shoe line with additional unique design elements.


Wade and Chinese Olympian Li Ning have partnered on their co-owned apparel brand WOW – short for Way of Wade – since 2012 for seasonal goods drops and unique items. The latest WOW sneaker has been upgraded for Fall/Winter 2021 with durable CORDURA fabric, a mixed-material top, and a rubber-grip traction outsole.

In addition to the all-black hue, the shoe has elastic pull-tab laces, a three-grid piece midsole, and a flexible high collar. The shoe features light accents of grey graphic elements throughout, and the phrase “Make Your Own Way” appears on the midsole.


Li’s namesake Li-Ning athletic and footwear company has long been a market leader in Asia, with the purpose of giving Chinese athletes with a brand to wear on the Olympic stage. That type of leadership and community ideals prompted Wade to consider collaborating with Li; ten years later, the two are celebrating a decade of success with the ninth iteration of their WOW shoe.

The Essence 2 “Futuristic” sneaker is available for purchase on WOW’s website, with options for both men and women.