From Kimonos to Cordura maharishi’s Fall/Winter 2023

If fashion were a time traveler, it seems it just took a leap through the last 500 years of industrial workwear. Hardy Blechman’s brainchild, maharishi, has dropped its latest Fall/Winter 2023 collection, and boy, it’s a journey through time and utility.

This season, maharishi is playing with the duality of design and history, blending a pacifist approach with the sturdy essence of industrial workwear. And if you think that sounds like a twist, well, you haven’t seen anything yet. Previous collections like “Battle Royale” and “The Art of the Invisible Warrior” showcased a similar dance of design ideologies. This time, it’s all about “An Exploration of Industrial Workwear.”


The spotlight of this collection falls on the uniforms of firefighters and harness-clad construction heroes from Japan, the USA, and England. The fabrics? Enter Pearl Weave Cotton, reminiscent of the textiles used in ancient Japanese fire-fighter kimonos. And the cherry on top? Artwork straight out of ukiyo-e masters Kuniteru and Kuniyoshi, adorning the lining of outerwear.

But wait, there’s more. Workwear isn’t just a part of this collection; it’s its heartbeat. And this heartbeat thumps strong, dressed in Japanese Cordura NYCO twill and ripstop. These are the materials that stood the test of rugged yet lightweight, designed for military combat uniforms. And because mixing it up is the name of the game, waterproof fleece from a French mill, Aplex, and Hi-Vis flight nylon swoop in, offering an edgy contrast to the collection’s eastern-inspired asymmetric closures.


Feeling the urge to dive into this fashion-meets-history extravaganza? Head over to maharishi’s official website for a closer look. And for the ones who crave the tactile fashion experience, the collection will soon hit the shelves of maharishi’s London and New York flagship stores.