From Scandal to Stability: Balenciaga’s Return to Form

In the aftermath of Balenciaga‘s ad campaign scandal, the luxury house has been making strides to move on, dropping new collections and finally unveiling its Fall 2023 campaign. However, the memories of the controversy still linger. The Demna-helmed label has attempted to put the scandal behind and is now looking towards the future while drawing inspiration from the past.


The Fall 2023 collection features looks similar to the ones showcased at the FW23 runway presentation. While it’s a bit riskier than the fashion show, it’s still not as bold as the outré Balenciaga looks of previous seasons. There are still plenty of Demna signatures, like face-wrapping sunglasses, voluminous jackets, and skin-tight leggings.

Balenciaga devotees will be pleased, but those looking for something more innovative may be underwhelmed. It’s clear that the fashion house is treading carefully, issuing staple silhouettes and quintessential designs that are safe enough to keep fans happy without drawing any more controversy.


Despite walking on eggshells, Balenciaga is trying to regain its confidence and make its way back to fashion’s mainstream. It may not be as exciting as before, but it’s a step in the right direction.