Gerrit Jacob

Gerrit Jacob’s “SCUM” Collection Shakes up the Fashion World

Up-and-coming fashion designer Gerrit Jacob has made waves with his futuristic graphic designs, and his latest Fall/Winter 2023 collection, “SCUM,” looks set to continue this trend. With a focus on queer stereotypes and bold, eye-catching colors, Jacob’s eponymous label is a true reflection of his unique and eccentric vision.


The collection comprises 15 distinct looks, each one dominated by striking hues and otherworldly motifs. The first piece, a cropped leather jacket with exaggerated sleeves, sets the tone perfectly, with eerie animal graphics that convey the designer’s edgy approach to fashion. Asymmetrical tops and motorcycle-inspired ensembles feature throughout the collection, alongside daring sweatsuits, zip-up shirting, and flowing trousers in bright primary tones.


Puffed outerwear and roomy denim garments add to the collection’s sense of drama, while sinister visuals are prevalent in every look, along with bandanas that hint at the supernatural. Jacob’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection is a must-see for anyone with an interest in boundary-pushing fashion that is unapologetically unique.