Nacasa & Partners/Akiyoshi Fukuzawa

Go Fujita’s F Residence Live/Work Space Embodies Quiet Reflection

Japanese architect Go Fujita offers a view into his personal studio and living space, situated in a quiet residential area in the city of Nishinomiya, Hyogo prefecture.

The supreme natural setting that is proudly counted among Japan’s top one hundred sites for viewing cherry blossoms, a structure which blends the signature minimalist concrete and angular spaces with a diversified range of textures. Fujita took inspiration from a tree on his property, an Akamatsu (Japanese red pine).

An inviting and daunting structure incorporating indoor-outdoor living contrasts the use of concrete in double height rooms, the private courtyard and views presenting bright greens encased by grey walls, with water flowing in the courtyard, and sounds of the natural world all around.⠀

“It is my hope that this residence and office will serve as a place to reconnect with the nature-based wisdom and spiritual culture our ancestors have passed down to us, as well as to quietly reexamine my own life,” Fujita explains.

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