Grandpa Chic & Supersized Fits

Grandpa Chic & Supersized Fits: 2024 Menswear Embraces Comfort & Statement Pieces

Designers have given their views on what streetwear looks like for autumn/winter 2024. While the show came to an end almost a month ago, they have brought a lot of trends back to life and offered something fresh for the men’s streetwear scene. From sports-style icons to luxury heirlooms and, of course, the supersizes, they are here to stay again for another year. Let’s dive into some of the men’s streetwear trends you expect to see trickle through the year.

Granddad’s Wardrobe Being Raided

It’s all about raiding your grandpa’s wardrobe in 2024. The eclectic grandpa chic look, which includes everything from sweater vests and loafers to grandpa knits, is predicted to dominate according to Pinterest‘s Predicts report, which examines data from the social media site to identify emerging trends. Out with the men’s full tracksuit for now and back in with smart, dapper and neutral fits.

Based on an increase in the number of new arrivals of items such as cardigans and sweater vests, the data insights company Edited has identified grandpa chic aesthetics as a major trend for the upcoming year. According to Corrigan, “a lot of straight-fit jeans are being rolled up so you can see the socks and the loafers.” 

Celebrities have taken this trend by storm and have influenced many fans around them. The likes of A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator, the former of whom was spotted wearing a tweed jacket with ladybird and cameo brooches and a tie with a baroque pattern last July at an awards ceremony in Harlem, are just a couple of celebrities whose fashion choices inspire thousands so the likelihood that Grandpa Core is approaching is more than likely.


Supersize: The Bigger, The Better

In 2024, menswear accessories and silhouettes will feature larger, more voluminous pieces, ranging from jewellery to bags to jeans. According to Edited, relaxed suits for SS24 saw a stronger-than-ever sell-through for items like relaxed chinos, and slouchy fits dominated menswear last year.

We will likely see this follow-through into 2024. Traditional tailoring players like Zenga are attempting to bring relaxed styles to life for their younger customer base, which is craving versatility and comfort in their pieces. There has been an influx of searches for “baggy,” “oversized,” and “loose fit,” so it will be a mistake to assume that supersized fits aren’t at the top of people’s lists.

It’s not ending with men’s clothes either; we will be seeing supersized accessories in 2024. We’ve seen multiple designers representing the supersized bags from Loewe’s enlarged shoulder bags, Gucci‘s monogram travel bag, Berluti‘s whole bag collection at the end of 2023 and let’s not forget Bottega Venet’s oversized tote bags. Another streetwear trend that fashion influential celebrities have loved is A$AP Rocky and Jacob Elordi have been seen enjoying these supersized bags.

Will The Rise of Streetwear Overshadow Quiet Luxury?

After dominating the fashion scene in 2023, minimalism’s reign in menswear seems to be ending. Leading style icons, particularly athletes, are increasingly embracing bold, logo-laden looks, influencing the broader consumer market. This shift is evident in both rising logo usage on runways and consumer sentiment, with figures like James Harris, co-host of the menswear podcast “Throwing Fits,” rejecting the “quiet luxury” trend.

Grandpa Chic Supersized Fits

The rise of athlete influence plays a key role in the move towards bolder menswear. Sports stars like LeBron James and Travis Kelce favour statement pieces and eye-catching patterns, influencing their millions of followers, a larger portion of whom are men compared to musicians like Harry Styles or actors like Timothée Chalamet. This new wave of “loud luxury” is already making its way to high-street and mass-market retailers, thanks to collaborations like Harry Styles’ “Cutie Chaos” collection for Zara. As analysts predict, bolder menswear is here to stay, leaving the pared-down aesthetic of the past year in its wake.

Final Thoughts

2024 men’s streetwear ditches minimalism for a bolder, more comfortable approach. Grandpa chic inspired pieces like cardigans and loafers are trending, championed by celebrities like A$AP Rocky. Embrace oversized fits with relaxed suits and baggy jeans, and don’t forget the supersized accessories like statement bags. While quiet luxury takes a backseat, bold, logo-laden looks favoured by athletes are influencing mainstream fashion. Get ready for a year of expressing your personality through oversized, quirky, and eye-catching pieces that are sure to dominate the streets.