HAMCUS Releases Its Autumn-Winter Collection – 1802_AW

HAMCUS is a Chinese brand who specializes in mixing next level military-inspired pieces, with futuristic tech-wear elements. Some pieces would even spark a new character design in the heads of futuristic sci-fi anime fans or keep you fantasizing about a different futuristic world. After all, the collection is designed within a conceptual framework for a fictional universe called “PRIMUS.”

“We thought that if it was just another clothing line limited to a certain style, we would surely lose our creativity because of the inherent, rapid consumption, and seasonal renewal of commercial fashion”, says Leung.

PRIMUS exists as a core concept for the brand, and each season the label designs a uniform for the various fictional races that live there.



Paying a close attention to details such as a large amount of pockets, suits and zippers as well as the color pallete and staining techniques. The brand also complemented some of the pieces with its laconic prints PRMTVSM and CONTINUUS on the back.

You can now shop the collection at HAMCUS online store.

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