WIll Prada’s New Yoga Mats Make Your Splits More Limber?

Prada has tapped the yoga community driving it crazy over it’s new Yoga mats, coming in three hibiscus hues – cherry red, Army green, and bright blue as well as an iconic banana print that die-hard Miuccia devotees will recognise from the house’s Spring 2011 collection.

The limited-edition made-in-Italy mats are the typical designer-stamped accessories one could imagine, while these mats are appealing and waterproof they won’t level up your yoga skills nor they’ll give you super powers but for a generous $460 they might just make you feel good this summer or not. Have we forgotten the reason we do attend yoga classes? well one thing is for sure these new yoga mats are the new oh-so-very need-it-now.

You can purchase your very own magic mat on Prada’s online store.


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