Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Men’s FW23: Navigating Nostalgia with a Modern Twist

Isabel Marant, the maestro of New Age revivalism, takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the vibrant 80s and 90s with FW23. Anchored in the idea of a relaxed yet refined wardrobe, the esteemed French fashion house has meticulously curated a capsule collection of timeless essentials for the modern man.

Renowned for her knack for breathing new life into bygone eras, Marant’s grunge-inspired aesthetic takes center stage once again. Silhouettes unfurl in relaxed, baggy proportions, while graphic motifs make their mark on casual tees. The electric fusion of tartan patterns adds a dash of vibrancy to the ensemble.


Denim becomes the protagonist of the season, undergoing a transformation of epic proportions. Whether it’s raw-hemmed, laser-printed, bleached, quilted, or overdye-drenched, Marant’s denim repertoire is nothing short of impressive. In a delightful nod to the 90s, denim finds its partner in crime – loose, fluffy, and oversized knitwear, sporting shades of pink, yellow, or color-blocking stripes.

The footwear game remains equally intriguing, with models strutting their stuff in Velcro sneakers or pointed Chelsea boots. Completing the look, mohair beanies, bucket hats, and studded belts add those essential finishing touches.


When it comes to outerwear, FW23 doesn’t disappoint. Metallic azure bomber jackets, vibrant orange puffers, and plush faux fur duffle coats beckon to fashion adventurers. Marant’s affinity for tailoring doesn’t go unnoticed either, as structured overcoats, swathed in rich grey marl, make a stylish appearance.

Drawing inspiration from British preppiness, the underground scene of Berlin, and the ever-enduring charm of 90s grunge, FW23 is a celebration of infusing casual eccentricities into everyday attire. Isabel Marant effortlessly bridges the gap between nostalgia and modernity, delivering a collection that’s as comfortable as it is cool.