Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake’s Paris Fashion Week Showcase

Issey Miyake‘s runway transformed a school gym into a mesmerizing wonderland. Delicate sheets of pleated washi paper floated gracefully above the runway, adding an ethereal touch to the ambiance, while musicians created playful sound effects with charming musical trinkets. Birds and bells serenaded the space as anticipation filled the air.


When the live soundtrack kicked in, it was showtime. Dancers took the stage, building up to the grand reveal. The first look, a sheer dress that clung elegantly from head to toe, was nothing short of stunning. Every crease and drape appeared immaculate. If you stumbled upon this piece out of context, it might take a while to guess it was the work of Issey Miyake, marking an exciting departure for the brand.

The collection continued with more woven ensembles in shades of black and vibrant orange, followed by a series of “light leak” dresses. These prints, reminiscent of deliberately exposed camera film, were enlarged and transferred onto fabric, resulting in a kaleidoscope of colors. Bold statement jackets with angular precision evoked echoes of David Byrne – a welcomed artistic touch.


The grand finale featured washi paper and linen dresses paired with oversized floppy hats, exuding a sense of novelty and excitement that set the stage for a remarkable showcase.