Jack Harlow Proves He’s the Jack of All Trades with ‘Jackman’ Album

Louisville native Jack Harlow is making headlines with a dual punch of good news: a surprise album release and a film debut. The rapper-turned-actor is set to star in the upcoming Hulu remake of “White Men Can’t Jump,” just one month after the release of his last album, “Come Home The Kids Miss You.


The surprise album, titled “Jackman,” was announced only a few days ago, leaving fans in the dark about production, features, tracklist, and themes. Harlow’s last album wasn’t received as well as he had hoped, so perhaps the secrecy was a tactic to avoid the burden of expectations.

But Jack Harlow hasn’t just been hiding behind the curtain. This week, he’s been giving back to his hometown of Louisville, surprising fans at eight different high schools on Thursday in an effort to promote his new album. Students were shocked to see him and had the chance to take pictures and hang out with the rapper.


It’s clear that Harlow is returning to his roots with “Jackman,” an album that promises to be human and real. And with his acting debut on the horizon, it seems that Jack Harlow’s star power is only just beginning to rise. Stay tuned for more surprises from this rising talent.