Jacquemus x Nike’s J Force 1 Collaboration Takes Flight

Continuing their successful partnership from last summer, Nike and Jacquemus present an exciting twist on a timeless classic. The legendary Air Force 1 undergoes a playful transformation under the creative eye of Simon Porte Jacquemus, resulting in the captivating J Force 1.


The AF1 upper takes on a hand-woven appearance, seamlessly merging with the Jacquemus sole. It’s as if these distinct shoes discovered Jeff Goldblum’s teleportation pods from The Fly, creating a whimsical fusion that defies expectations. To showcase the collaboration, the sole proudly displays a reversed Jacquemus logo, leaving a stylish mark for others to follow.

With a touch of humor, Nike’s trademark dubrae cheekily bears the “JF1” stamp, while the swoosh receives a luxurious metal rendering, adding a sophisticated element to this unique partnership.


Similar to their previous success, the JF1s are set to become the coveted shoes of the summer. Act quickly to secure your pair, available exclusively at Jacquemus.com starting June 13th and at select Nike retailers worldwide on June 21st.