Gray Warehouse

Jaume Plensa Unveils Masterful Sculptures in “Nocturne” Exhibition

Showcasing a range of massive sculptural portraits at Chicago’s Gray Warehouse.

Jaume Plensa is an internationally known artist for his portrayals of the human face by sculpture and innovative technological methods.
Plensa is the focus of a solo exhibition called “Nocturne” at Gray Warehouse in Chicago, with the artist showcasing a new body of work.


Plensa installs a dynamic range of sculptural portraits in stone, glass, steel and bronze in the Gray Warehouse’s spaces. The centerpiece of the presentation features a nine-foot-tall basalt sculpture named Minna that depicts a young woman with her eyes closed in a state of rest. A total of nine pieces are on display. “Whether embracing or opposing the intrinsic qualities of his materials, Plensa’s exhibition of sculptural portraits symbolizes the potential for hope to emerge from a place of total darkness,” said the gallery in a statement. “With deep material awareness, Plensa offers the illusion of a weightless form, fabricating and rendering otherwise monumental works into light, airy apparitions.”

Another highlight in the presentation is a series of five bronze portraits: Anna, Irma, Laura, Lou and Rui Rui. The works are displayed closely together as if they are having an intimate conversation with each bronze head rendered in a distinct textured surface. ““Every time I do a portrait, soon after, in a way, the person no longer exists,” described the artist.

Get a closer look at “Nocturne” in the slideshow above and then visit Gray Warehouse’s website for more information. The exhibition is on view until January 9, 2021.