Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko’s 4/20-Friendly “Tryna Smoke” Is Mood

The artist grabbed her crew and got together to blaze up in a cypher.


Jhené Aiko‘s Grammy-nominated album was released over a year ago, but she’s bringing it back for 4/20. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter released her Chilombo project in March 2020, and it was a well-received compilation that earned her a Grammy nomination. Even though she didn’t win this time, Aiko hasn’t stopped releasing visuals from the album.


Jhené Aiko released the music video for “Tryna Smoke” on Tuesday (April 20), a single that should be on everyone’s cannabis-inspired playlist.
Jhené and her crew link up for a weed cypher in the video, inspecting their bud bag and getting ready for takeoff.
Jhené gives off ’70s-inspired vibes with hot pants, roller skates, and rose-colored spectacles, and the hazy filter accentuates the enthusiasm.