Kenzo’s SS24 Journey Above La Seine

High above the tranquil waters of La Seine, as the sun gracefully dipped behind the iconic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, Kenzo unfurled its SS24 runway on the elegant Passerelle Debilly. This marked the second time this season that one of Paris’s famed bridges played host to a fashion spectacle, with Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton debut on the Pont Neuf having set the stage – an event for which Pharrell himself graced the front row.


Amidst the backdrop of 80s Japanese tunes, a delightful blend of pop, funk, and soul, handpicked from Nigo‘s youth, enveloped the atmosphere, setting the stage for a collection that seamlessly wove together the enduring elegance of French sensibility with the playful creativity of the designer. The show aptly bore the moniker “City Pop Paris,” a nod to the resurgence of the Western-inspired City Pop music genre that emerged during the foundational years of Kenzo Takada, the house’s founder. Now, as this vintage sound finds a new audience, Nigo brings a slice of its essence to the heart of Paris.

In a graceful homage to Takada’s legacy, with a contemporary twist, Nigo weaved a sartorial tapestry that spanned the realms of the East and West. Traditional judo Uwagi garments gracefully metamorphosed into chore jackets, and the age-old Seigaiha wave motif found new life in indigo denim. Blazers, sporting the semi-detached sleeves reminiscent of kimonos, shared the limelight with relaxed interpretations of varsity jackets. Workwear’s technical finesse met the kimono’s grace in puffer jackets and form-fitting ribbed jerseys.

A captivating creative collaboration with Japanese graphic artist Verdy breathed fresh air into the Kenzo logo, manifesting in an all-over typography extravaganza. This typographic flourish found its home on lapel-less tailored jackets and classic backpacks, adding an extra layer of visual intrigue. The berets took on a larger-than-life persona, while a nod to 1980s street photography ushered in guard caps, bucket hats, and straw boaters – all proudly flaunting the brand’s emblem.


In essence, Kenzo’s SS24 collection embodied a harmonious dance between the elegance of Japanese heritage and the vibrancy of contemporary fashion. It was a celebration of both past and present, meticulously crafted to resonate with those who appreciate the exquisite fusion of cultures and styles.