Kim Petras Links Up With Nicki Minaj for “Alone”

Kim Petras is back with a vengeance, releasing her latest single “Alone,” featuring a verse from none other than Nicki Minaj. The song prominently samples Alice Deejay’s classic ’90s Eurodance hit “Better Off Alone,” and was teased on social media in March before its release on April 21st.

Petras explained in an interview with Apple Music that she chose to sing over the sample as the song was a classic in clubs all over Europe and inspired her to make music. “I’m just so honored that Alice Deejay let us do this shit because it’s epic,” she said.


The song is a basic club banger, complete with lyrics about wanting to go home with someone you meet while out dancing. Petras sings, “I could ride it, ride it, ride it, ride it all night. Watch me ride it, ride it, ride it, ride it all night.” Nicki’s verse is fun but doesn’t add much to the song. Still, her flow is on point, showing off her chameleon-like ability to adapt to any beat.

While some may find the song a bit dated, it’s still a fun pop hit that will hit some people with nostalgia. And what better way to kick off the summer pop season than with a ’90s pop instrumental? Congratulations to Kim Petras on another catchy hit.