LALO’s Rapid Assault Boots Are Your All-Season Favorite

A high-spec silhouette designed for tactical maneuvering

There’s a a story that the very legend Ezio Auditore da Firenze has once rocked a vintage version of these back when he was wylin’ up on the rooftops of Milan, during the Italian Renaissance.


Menacing name and affiliation aside, the boots come in 6” and 9” heights and are versatile enough to fit with most of your seasonal rotations.

The Rapid Assault also features, among other things, Cordura uppers, carbonized rubber toe caps, EVA midsoles, passive moisture drainage systems, antimicrobial lining and slip-fighting sole units while not compromising weight.


And if that wasn’t enough the boot is offered in neutral olive and black tones alongside a camouflage makeup.

For more info and a closer look at the all-range footwear head to LALO’s web store .

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