Hender Scheme

Leather Artistry Continues to Shine in Hender Scheme’s SS23

Hender Scheme, known for its remarkable “HOMAGE” footwear that playfully parodied iconic shoe styles, may have lost some international buzz, but its creative output remains unstoppable.

While most fashion brands follow the traditional Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collection schedule, Hender Scheme dances to its own beat with Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring offerings. After all, when you specialize in leather shoes, weather doesn’t dictate your timeline—except for those sandals and cozy wool slippers.


In the Summer/Fall 2023 lineup, Hender Scheme refreshes its Manual Industrial Products (aka the HOMAGE series) with a Clarks Wallabee-inspired moc-toed shoe (or perhaps an homage to Padmore & Barnes, if you will), a strappy clog reminiscent of Birkenstock’s Tokio mule, and a backless sneaker that might just give you nostalgic New Balance vibes (or maybe that’s just me).

But don’t be fooled into thinking Hender Scheme is all about reproductions. The brand showcases its creative prowess with original designs, including a laceless trek loafer equipped with a change pouch, a tall chelsea boot, and a subtly stylish slip-on with a sole reminiscent of the German Army Trainer.

Of course, Hender Scheme doesn’t stop at footwear. The brand offers a wide array of bags, ranging from backpacks and suede totes to unique origami bags and intricately woven pouches. And let’s not forget the assortment of charming leather knickknacks, from wallets to the unexpectedly cool leather jump rope.


While the collaboration with The North Face has come to an end, who’s to say Hender Scheme won’t surprise us with more exciting partnerships later this season? For now, let’s revel in the present and appreciate the artistry on display.

As someone who dreads the summer heat, I’m grateful to Hender Scheme for reminding us that fall is just around the corner.