Lionsgate Reveals Ambitious Plans for John Wick Universe

In a world where assassins reign supreme and bullets fly with lethal precision, the John Wick universe is expanding at a rapid pace. While John Wick himself, played by the ever-intense Keanu Reeves, and his trusted collaborator Chad Stahelski (director/producer) are known for taking their time between films, it seems that Lionsgate has a different agenda in mind.


During a recent financial call, Lionsgate chairman Joe Drake reassured investors that the studio was fully invested in the future of John Wick. With a twinkle in his eye, Drake outlined their grand plans to explore new frontiers and expand the franchise beyond the silver screen.

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“We’re not content with just dominating the AAA video game space,” Drake declared, his voice brimming with excitement. “We’re venturing into uncharted territory, with spin-offs and a television series, to create a captivating universe that will satisfy the insatiable appetite of our loyal audience.”

Murray Close/Lionsgate/AP

Drake revealed that the first spinoff, Ballerina, featuring the talented Ana de Armas, is already in the works and slated for release next year. But that’s not all. Lionsgate is also in the early stages of developing three other spinoffs, including the highly anticipated John Wick 5. And for those hungry for even more blood-pumping action, get ready for The Continental television series, set to grace our screens soon.

As the world of John Wick expands, fans can expect a regular cadence of heart-pounding adventures. While the specifics of the fifth film remain shrouded in secrecy, Drake assured us that it will organically grow from the stories they are currently weaving. After all, you can always rely on a steady flow of John Wick goodness.