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Megan Thee Stallion Kicks Off Summer for ‘Dear Class of 2020’ With A Medley of Hits

"College girl but a freak on the weekend..."

YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020” campaign is congratulating high school and college graduates with messages of encouragement and inspiration from some of the biggest stars in pop music.


Aside from receiving a commencement speech from Beyonce, the grads also got a new video performance from Megan Thee Stallion, who sang a medley of some of her best-known bangers, including “Big Ole Freak,” “Hot Girl Summer,” “Captain Hook,” “Cash S*t,” and “Savage,” all from Megan’s own backyard.

Megan even threw in a wardrobe switch-up for her rendition of “Savage”, dancing in the kitchen along with pair of friends. She also encouraged viewers to “have a hot girl summer”, which is a badass idea.

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