Moncler’s Iconinc Puffer Jackets That Even Mother Nature Would Bop

Going greener by the minute

Taking a step closer to a greener world. Moncler has announced its new range of black puffer jackets which are claimed to be made entirely of sustainable materials, as part of the brand’s wider Born To Protect sustainability program.


The Born To Protect initiative, laid out in October, pledged to ensure that 100% of the brand’s key raw materials will be traceable by 2023. It plans for more than 80 percent of its suppliers to meet the highest possible social compliance standards for 2025; to achieve carbon neutrality worldwide by 2021, and to employ 100 percent renewable energy globally by 2023.

According to reports, the fabrics and accessories used in the new capsule — apart from the down — are recycled to ensure a reported 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. The down is 100 percent DIST (Down Integrity System and Traceability) certified and is a byproduct of the food chain, derived from geese farmed for the purpose of meat.


The range includes the Nicaise, Gaite and Dabos models in men’s sizes, the Teremba, the Lemenez, and the Gatope for women. Stylized with the Born to Protect insignia in contrasting red displayed on the upper arm along with “Born to Protect” embroidered on the sleeve, and the seldom-seen Moncler duck “Monduck” mascot on the inside.
The new jackets are available from $410 for the infants jacket to $1900 for the Men’s Nicsase. You can explore the full range here.