More Hip Hop For Your Soul – FARGOLIFE Music Playlist

Looking for new joints? you need some refreshing sound to your playlist? well we might just have the right pill for you, introducing our editor’s picks, with all the new music releasing nowadays we work towards collecting the very gems, which is why we made a carefully curated playlist, taking you through a path of discovering new sounds while reminiscing the old.

To highlight a few, our fam Jeffery (Young Thug) which by the way needs to upload more old joints to Spotify, hopefully he will look in to that, we’ve made an OG call so don’t worry (just kidding.) New sounds from our favorite artists Rum Burgundy, new album “Made In California” Meek Mill and T.I. on “Jefe” Bate Nate H, Chri$DaPrince, Eminem and more.




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