NEIGHBORHOOD Kicks Off 2022 With a Throwback Capsule

The iconic Streetwear imprint NEIGHBORHOOD has a surprise for 2022, promising a pair of neat items slated to release shortly after New Year’s. They’re a riff on traditional NEIGHBORHOOD mainstays that’s half nostalgic collector and part look to the future.


The first is a tough varsity jacket composed of thick melton wool, fitted with leather sleeves and a quilted inner of polyester taffeta. The major draw is the semi-realistic anatomical skeleton appliqué that emphasizes the front, back, and sides.

Skeleton designs has been popular for a few years thanks to labels like Supreme and Kapital, but for NEIGHBORHOOD it’s old hat.

Founder Shinsuke Takizawa’s biker passion inspired boney NEIGHBORHOOD clothes years before the trend was even really measured – NEIGHBORHOOD, like so many of its Ura-Hara counterparts, is nothing if not a trendsetter.


So it is with the second item, which will be released in early 2022, a massive middle finger incense chamber that is equally vintage and steeped in tough-guy motorcycle bravado.

This is a homage to another classic NEIGHBORHOOD design, displaying Takizawa’s ability to create instantly remembered imagery.

The jacket and incense chamber are both limited edition, perhaps because they’re both riffs on old school NEIGHBORHOOD memorabilia: only 84 jackets and 50 chambers will ever be made, the latter personally autographed by Takizawa.


In the spirit of throwbacks, NEIGHBORHOOD is also releasing a limited-edition capsule with Bounty Hunter, another Harajuku streetwear institution.

The co-branded sweatshirts, tees, and buttons are pretty typical material, but the coolest part is by far the two-headed “Skull-Kun” toy, a reference to both Bounty Hunter’s iconic mascot and the brand’s obsession with collecting toys. The collection is available at NEIGHBORHOOD’s website and Japanese flagships.