Nike Unveils 2022-23 NBA City Edition Uniforms

For the sixth year, Nike has brought back the NBA city editions. Nike and basketball have had a long-standing relationship that brings together culture and community.

As the new NBA season begins, Nike is strengthening the bond between the basketball organization and its fans by releasing new city edition uniforms.

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“The 2022-23 Nike NBA City Edition uniform collection showcases the unique history and culture behind NBA teams, their cities, and their shared bond with NBA fans around the world,” said Christopher Arena, Head of On-Court and Brand Partnerships at the NBA.

“These uniforms are the result of a collaborative effort between Nike, NBA teams, and the league to highlight the local icons and narratives intertwined with our teams and cities that have helped define this league.”


The Boston Celtics uniform, which pays homage to a true “Champion of Gold,” is one of the design’s highlights. Bill Russell’s unrivaled 11 championships in 13 years are a fitting tribute to basketball’s “Golden Era.”

The Detroit Pistons uniform design collaborates with Pistons creative Director of Innovation Big Sean to tell a larger story than basketball, paying homage to a community landmark. Allison Hueman, a Bay Area artist, designed the Golden State Warriors jersey, which features a yellow rose in the center to represent women who change the game.