Professor.E Goes Beyond Boundaries with its Eclectic SS23 Line

Taiwanese fashion brand Professor.E has unveiled its latest seasonal range, featuring short designs that embody the essence of summer.

The collection boasts refreshing and capable elements, marked by rich detailing that showcases the brand’s signature layering techniques. With expanded sleeves, widened contours, and sleeve stacking, the collection is a perfect mix of contemporary and classic.


For women’s wear, Professor.E goes beyond the asymmetric tailoring and defining stitching of previous collections, featuring a pleated structure that expresses the three-dimensional texture of the fabric. The exquisite tailoring allows for various wearing patterns, making the pieces versatile and unique.

The “Forgotten Materials” series is another highlight of the collection, which utilizes rare and special fabrics accented by irregular dyeing and rubbing. The collection features bold rococo patterns and high-quality fabrics like Japanese Okayama tannin, lace, and Xiangyun yarn. The combination of old and new vocabulary is carried through plant-dyed hand-woven fabrics showing a unique texture.


The collection is now available on Professor.E’s website, allowing fashion enthusiasts to get their hands on the latest fusion of contemporary and classic styles.