Score Goals Faster With These Electrified Tesla Boots

What would football boots look like in the future?

Have you ever wondered how Tesla would tackle the sporting arena? No, right. Except the three-dimensional artist and designer Hussain Almossawi who followed the idea of what that would be like, and took to Instagram to share the design.


Almossawi already has experience designing shoes. He had collaborated with adidas, Nike, and EA.

Hussain Almossawi

His mastery of the form is on clear display with his Tesla Football Shoes. Almossawi imagines the shoes in a variety of colours, all of which feature light up features, because you can’t have a Tesla without some sort of tech attached, although it’s the only one for now, the future is bright.

Hussain Almossawi

“This was a fun concept I created imagining what the future of football boots can look like when two universes of different brands merge together,” writes Almossawi. “The result would be a futuristic design, neutral tones, lines and lights that connect with an increasingly viable market proposal. The goal of the project was to envision the future of football and have a fun take on how certain themes and keywords can drive the design narrative and language for each boot.”