Sorayama’s Sexy Robot-Inspired Mizuno Wave Prophecy Is Futuristic As It Gets

Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama made a name for himself through his “sexy robot” art, which explores the beauty of both the human body and machines, and their relationship. Now the Japanese sportswear giant, Mizuno, has tapped the artist to create a special edition version of the 10th generation of Mizuno’s futuristic Wave Prophecy sneaker.


The Wave Prophecy is one of the craziest-soled sneakers on the market, featuring Infinity Wave cushioning, which utlizes large air pockets to give the wearer the feeling of “walking on air.” The sneaker is wrapped in metallic silver in a nod to Sorayama’s sexy robots and features reflective detailing on the sole unit.

The Sorayama x Mizuno Wave Prophecy 10 is expected to drop on February 6 for €300, at select Mizuno stores. 

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