Spalding Unveils ‘Stranger Things’ Basketball Collab

Spalding is releasing an exclusive collaboration with Stranger Things, one of Netflix‘s most popular shows.

The collaboration includes four different designs aptly named Fireball, Hawkins, and Greetings, as well as a Top-Flite 100 edition, all modeled on Spalding’s size 7 basketballs.


Fireball is inspired by The Hellfire Club as well as the look of D&D dice. It exudes rock ‘n’ roll style, with flaming basketball motifs and custom “Fireball Him!” lettering.

Hawkins, on the other hand, is inspired by the Hawkins High Basketball Team “The Tigers,” and is decorated in the team’s signature yellow and green colors, complete with tiger motifs. Greetings, on the other hand, will take its users outside of Hawkins and all the way to SoCal.

On one side, the ball features Cali floral patterns over a black base, while the other side features “Upside Down” lettering in a ’80s surf-style graphic and font. The Top-Flite 100 Indoor Game Basketball is a replica of the one used by The Tigers and is built to Spalding’s specifications from their 1986 model.


Fireball, Greetings, and Hawkins are $40 USD each, while the Top-Flite 100 edition is $150 USD. There are three more limited edition styles available only through Spalding’s website giveaway.