Stefflon Don and BNXN Join Forces on “What’s Poppin'”

In the world of music collaborations, sometimes, the most unexpected pairings produce the catchiest tunes. Stefflon Don, a name well-known for her musical versatility, has teamed up with BNXN for their latest track, “What’s Poppin’.”

While Stefflon Don has been making waves with collaborations alongside artists like Ludmilla, Jim Jones, and INNA, “What’s Poppin’” marks a new chapter for her. The track is part of her debut album, “Island 54,” and it’s a collaboration that has been eagerly anticipated.


Produced by AJ Productions, the creative genius behind hits for Davido, Jay1, and KSI, “What’s Poppin'” combines the talents of Stefflon Don and BNXN, pronounced as “Benson.” This collaboration has been a long time coming, and the result is nothing short of magic.


Stefflon Don describes the track as “special” and a chance to showcase her “softer side.” “What’s Poppin'” captures the essence of two individuals locking eyes and feeling an irresistible pull towards each other. It’s a snapshot of what fans can expect from her debut project, “Island 54.”

So, if you’re in the mood for a grown and sexy vibe with a touch of irresistible attraction, “What’s Poppin'” is the track to check out. Stefflon Don and BNXN’s collaboration is proof that unexpected pairings can result in musical gold.