Stone Island

Stone Island’s Fall/Winter 2023 Lineup: Unveiling the Camouflage Masters

Stone Island is back, and they’re still playing hide and seek, fashionably speaking. After last season’s debut of “Ghost Pieces,” the Italian brand dives deeper into the art of concealment for Fall/Winter 2023, this time with a focus on outerwear.


Their latest collection boasts jackets, pants, knits, and parkas, all sporting a monochromatic look in your choice of dark beige or navy blue. But the real showstoppers are the outerwear pieces, mainly crafted from O-Ventile®, a 100% organic take on Ventile® material, famed for its exceptional weather resistance.

At the heart of this lineup are the long parkas, featuring chalet-stand collars and detachable hoods. With zippers and snap fastenings cleverly concealed beneath tonal flaps, these parkas offer a sleek silhouette. And here’s the kicker: they come with Stone Island’s signature detachable down lining, made from opaque nylon, for that extra dose of warmth and comfort.


Of course, you’ll spot the Stone Island Ghost badge on every piece, blending seamlessly with the garment’s hue. With prices ranging from $565 to $2,968 USD, the Fall/Winter 2023 “Ghost Piece” collection is now ready to rock on Stone Island’s official website.