Take A Look at the READYMADE x Nike Blazer

Sporting a Mid-Chunky look, bubbling midsole and modified Swoosh.

After teasing and shaking the snkr wrld we now have a detailed look at READYMADE  and Nike’s new black, white and orange  Blazer  collaboration. Conceptualized by READYMADE founder Yuta Hosokawa , the design is centered around a cobbled-together ethos that tinkers with standard footwear geometries and even introduces an element of sustainability.


The Uppers offer black fabric quarters and are delicately attached to the collars, the throats are made of foam material with a camo-like black and white print. While laces are tripled up, offering a jarring split between gray ovals, neon green bungees and white flats.

Although the most instantly notable details are served up by the orange Swoosh and the white midsole. The Swoosh is highly thinned out towards its crest and heel, while the middle retains full thickness. It’s also only partially secured to the upper. Meanwhile, the midsole provided a bubbling texture. 


Further touches are the white synthetic heel piece with a hybrid tri-Swoosh/READYMADE graphic, large black heel tabs, a modified  Nike Sportswear  hit on the tongue tag that reads “NIKE/RE” in red and black, and a rubberized toe cap. Outsoles that appear to be constructed of sustainable  Nike Grind  rubber round off the look.

Unfortunately there’s no solid release details for the READYMADE’s Nike Blazer, but expect it to arrive sometime later this year. 

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