The Best Duffle Bags For Every Trip

A duffle bag needs to do one thing, and it’s to hold your stuff, but what makes a great duffle bag? A great duffle should be able to carry your clothes, kicks, chargers toiletries and everything else in the most space-efficient, easy-to-find way possible. A great duffel should outlast your passport oryou despite years of being stuffed in an overhead bin or thrown in the trunk of your car. And of curse a great duffle bag should make everyone else in the TSA line jealous.

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$85 Nordstrom

Hershel Supply Novel Duffle Bag

Definition of classic, a signature striped interior, synthetic leather handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.



$128 United By Blue

55L Arc Duffle

This is it, your throw-in-everything-and-go type of shit. Sleek and trusty, packed with exterior and interior pockets to ensure your essentials are safe.



$95 Nordstrom

RAINS Weekend bag

The misnimalist. This duffle bag comes with waterproof canvas construction and convenient interior compartment.



$400 Amazon

Yeti Panga Airtight Waterproof Submersible Duffel Bag

This sporty duffle bag is made from thick, laminated nylon that’ll withstand any rough baggage handling. completely waterproof — the zippers tuck into enclosed docks.



$147 Amazon

Fjallraven – Duffel No. 4

Clean ‘n sexy design, this water-resistant duffle bag will ensure all your shit is packed in the most convenient way.

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