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The Legendary Designer Paco Rabanne Has Passed Away

The world of fashion bids adieu to one of its visionary pioneers as Spanish designer Paco Rabanne passes away at the age of 88, in his home in Portsall, France.

Puig, the parent company overseeing his eponymous fashion house and fragrance line, confirmed this loss on a Friday morning. José Manuel Albesa, president of Puig’s fashion and beauty division, aptly described Rabanne as someone who made “transgression magnetic.” Who else but Rabanne could make fashionable Parisian women clamor for dresses crafted from plastic and metal? And who could conceive a fragrance named Calandre – a term that means ‘automobile grill,’ no less – and transform it into an emblem of modern femininity?

His radical and rebellious spirit set him apart, leaving no room for imitators. With his passing, we’re reminded once more of his profound influence on contemporary fashion, a spirit that continues to breathe within the house that proudly bears his name.

The official House of Paco Rabanne Instagram account also issued a heartfelt statement. Describing him as one of the most seminal figures in 20th-century fashion, his legacy promises to remain an enduring source of inspiration. They express gratitude to Monsieur Rabanne for forging an avant-garde heritage and charting a future defined by boundless possibilities.

Rabanne, who unveiled his inaugural collection, titled “12 Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials,” in 1966, quickly carved his niche as the enfant terrible of the industry. His earlier years were spent crafting jewelry for prestigious fashion houses like Givenchy and Dior, before venturing into fragrances and introducing his signature metallics under his own label. In 1999, he gracefully exited the world of fashion, concluding his remarkable journey with a final couture show during that summer.